BruZiv Partners is committed to the following investment philosophy:

Buy Right: Identifying and purchasing properties that are undervalued. These properties are located in prime neighborhoods with convenient access to transportation, shopping, educational, and cultural amenities.

Manage Right: At BruZiv, we believe management and operations cannot be outsourced. Our experienced, nimble team manages “hands-on” the portfolio of properties with a strong emphasis on acquiring quality tenants and providing them with an exceptional living environment.

Community oriented – We invest in local communities by establishing partnerships with their municipalities in order to improve and stabilize neighborhoods while benefiting from the appropriate incentives.

Going Green: Capital improvements and rehab of properties with a strong emphasis on “green”, energy efficient environments, where all parties enjoy  a safer, healthier and a more cost efficient property.

Execution: We apply various strategies to maximize partner’s return on investment (buy-fix-sell, hold to maturity-cash flow distributions, refinance, etc.).