BruZiv Partners applies the following investment criteria in order to evaluate a target property as a candidate for its growing portfolio:

Location: Properties located in prime areas, with close proximity to transportation, educational, medical, cultural and commercial facilities.

Undervalued properties: Industry downturn, excessive liabilities, lack of management and attention, need for capital improvements, property is not a fit with the existing owner portfolio, etc.

Ability to create a successful environment: We analyze the ability to create a successful environment that results in full occupancy and a high satisfaction rate for tenants.

Partnering with local communities to support neighborhood rejuvenation: One of the evaluation metrics that we apply is the potential for partnering with local communities to revive neighborhoods while benefiting from robust governmental incentive packages.

Exit strategies: We assess and project exit strategies and the ability to achieve superior returns and the fit of the target property to the portfolio as a whole. Our projected financials will assume severe circumstances and rigorous stress tests, to make sure a potential property can yield above average industry return, net of all expenses and fees in tough economic environments. Our main and foremost focus is generating strong cash flows to our partners under any circumstances; Exit strategies apply thereafter.